Stephanie Gatton Events evolved as an opportunity for me to blend my kick-ass stage managerial skills with my current event planning prowess to coordinate your wedding! With a background deeply ingrained in the performing arts and live event management, you name it, I've done it.

I'm a professional event planner, working for such NYC institutions as The Juilliard School and The Guggenheim Museum, and I bring 10+ years of event planning and show running to every wedding I coordinate. I am a lover of logistics, who’s dedicated to details you didn’t even know you needed to think about! My timelines are masteries of coordination, advance planning, and troubleshooting, and my calm, positive attitude onsite makes me your other vendors’ best friend. I will make sure your rehearsal and big day are executed without a hitch, and that your ingenious ideas come to fruition. I’ll work with you in the weeks leading up to your wedding to ensure no task is left undone, and every part of your grand plan is expertly executed.

Why should you - or your partner, your parents, or the “responsible” friend you’ve been delegating tasks to - have to work on your big day? When you bring me on board your team, I’ll take care of things while you and those you love enjoy what should be one of the most awesome days of your life. Don’t you worry about a thing - I’ve got this!

Want to know the full scoop? Click here to read my bio and be sure to check out my Vendor Guide Listing on Offbeat Bride to see how I cater to non-traditional couples!

photo courtesy of Amber Gress Photography

photo courtesy of Keren Moscovitch

A bit about me...

  • I'm an inner nerd at heart, and will converse with you all night long about my favorite moments in the Harry Potter series (Ravenclaw for life), and why Rose and Ten were the pinnacle of Doctor Who pairings for NuWho. 

  • I placed 11th in the Maryland State Spelling Bee in eighth grade, which was televised locally, preserving my middle school fashion sensibilities for posterity. It also means my spelling and grammar skills are top-notch.

  • Dogs or cats? No contest - canines all the way! I'm the proud mama to a bonded pair - Duchess (a Staffordshire Bull Terrier) and Marley (a Miniature Poodle), who occupy a large swath of my heart with my love for them. 

  • You can thank my New York born-and-raised husband for my borderline maniacal NY Mets fandom. I'm also now the co-captain of Juilliard's staff softball team, and we won the trophy in 2014!

  • I firmly believe in the serial comma, and will always call you out on your misuse of their/there/they're or its/it's. I was an English major, after all!

  • If I'm not running your event, chances are I am enjoying my awesome neighborhood of Astoria, Queens - so much to see and do!

  • Have passport, will travel. My life philosophy is as follows: the world is big; life is short. There's never an excuse not to travel and explore a new corner of this big, beautiful world. (hint, hint, I do destination weddings, too! Read more here about my no-fuss travel policies.)