photo courtesy of  Jennifer Seay Photography

photo courtesy of Jennifer Seay Photography

Are you yourself a planner at heart, and can't imagine not seeing every aspect through on your big day? Or is your budget just a bit crunched, but you still want to make sure you aren’t missing anything?

I completely understand that having a coordinator simply isn't in everyone's wedding blueprint. But here's the thing - there's a TON of work that goes into making a wedding RUN SMOOTHLY, and even if you have a generous friend or family member offering to handle LOGISTICS day-of (yay for you!), you may still seek the advice of a professional in the months leading up to your wedding.

I am pleased to now offer hourly consultations to give couples a little guidance along the way. These sessions can be done in person or via phone/facetime/google hangout, and can be your sole method of professional planning assistance, OR can be added to my day-of or month-of packages prior to their start dates (if you just can’t wait to start collaborating!).

I am also happy to offer my expert planner mindset to create or improve your wedding LOGISTICAL communication (as a former stage manager, I actually LOVE the nuts and bolts of the planning process - what others find boring or nerdy, I don’t mind at all!).

I’ll devote this time assisting you with your individual needs, including but not limited to:

  • Vendor/Venue recommendations

  • Beginning-to-end checklists (I love checklists!)

  • Budgeting assistance

  • Timeline preparation and management

  • Vendor relations

  • Transportation and travel logistics

  • Hospitality advice and menu selection

  • Floorplan and seating questions

  • General questions and advice (logistical, etiquette, etc.)

  • Paperwork generation, including:

    • Master timeline for wedding day, as well as personalized timelines for each vendor (e.g. hair/makeup schedule, photograph) and VIP grouping (e.g. family, bridal party, or friendors)

    • Master contact list (all vendors and bridal couple’s VIPs)

    • Photo call shot list

    • Master inventory lists for decor items or props, packed per venue

    • Travel schedules and itineraries for destination weddings or instances when large portions of the guests will be coming from long distances

My consultation rate is $65/hour
(based on a four-hour minimum, which can be split into multiple sessions).

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