(Frequently Asked Questions)

photo credit: Jennifer Seay Photography

photo credit: Jennifer Seay Photography

Do you do weddings outside of NYC?
Absolutely! I love to travel, and would be honored to join you wherever in this great, big world you’re planning to celebrate your big day! In fact, I've traveled as far as Cleveland to provide my services, my most recent wedding took place in Beacon, NY, and my first bookings of 2017 are located in Philadelphia and New Jersey. 

Do you raise your fees for when you travel?
Nope! The only uptick in cost you will see will be to cover the face value (never a markup!) for my out-of-pocket travel expenses - I never charge extra on my rates to make a profit from you just because you live somewhere else or are planning a destination wedding.

So, then, how does this whole travel thing work?
If your wedding takes place anywhere in the five boroughs of NYC or anywhere within a 50-mile radius of my home in NYC, I’ll cover my travel costs completely at no extra cost to you! If your wedding venue falls outside of those specs, then I’ll provide you with a custom quote on my estimated travel costs at the time of booking (e.g. gas, tolls, lodging if need be), and we can add that to my contract. Additionally, I’m totally flexible with where I hang my hat when away from home - if you have a friend or family member willing to put me up for the night in your out-of-state hometown where the wedding will take place, that works for me! Otherwise, a reasonably-priced hotel, B&B or even AirBNB will suit me just fine (just no crashing on couches, please - you want me rested and ready to run the show on your big day!).

Are there any other cities outside of NYC where you'd consider yourself a "local?"
Actually, YES! I'm a native Washingtonian, and so if you're getting hitched in the DMV (District-Maryland-Virginia to all you non-natives), I've got friends and relatives I can stay with for free...effectively making me a local coordinator for you! In addition, I've got a serious case of wanderlust, and here are just some other cities where lodging might not cost you a dime (though gas, tolls, airfare would need to be covered): BOSTON, PHILADELPHIA, SAN FRANCISCO, LOS ANGELES, WASHINGTON, D.C., RICHMOND, LOUISVILLE, CLEVELAND, SEATTLE, CHICAGO, SAN DIEGO, MADISON, WI., THE UK (BRISTOL, BELFAST, LONDON), IRELAND (DUBLIN), GERMANY (LEIPZIG, BERLIN), CZECH REPUBLIC (PRAGUE). 


If we book your services, who will actually be our onsite coordinator on the day of our wedding?
That’s easy - it’ll be me! Unlike bigger wedding planning companies who have an army of assistants and planners on staff, when you book Stephanie Gatton Events, you get Stephanie Gatton. I run my business efficiently (which keeps costs down for you!), and am selective when booking my clients: I don’t say yes to coordinating your wedding unless I can personally be there to run the show! All of this being said, sometimes life happens in extreme cases, which is why all of my contracts make allowances for an emergency coordinator on standby, should anything catastrophic prevent me from physically being there on your day. Just because something may happen to me, you should still have the wedding you planned!

But you’re just one person - how can you possibly be everywhere at once?
Depending on your wedding size and venue(s), I may engage an additional assistant to help solve a current problem in physics, which doesn’t allow me to be in two places simultaneously (though, if Hermione’s time turner actually existed in real life, I would be the first to buy it!). The inclusion of one assistant, if needed, is already factored into my advertised fee (yay for you!), but all weddings come in different shapes and sizes. If your ceremony and reception take place in separate locations, for example, or if your guest count is unusually high, my coordination of your wedding may best be served by bringing in a few of my trusted assistants to be my eyes and ears when needed, while I oversee the entire event and focus on the elements you’ve already prioritized with me ahead of time. We can discuss specific needs at the time of booking, but rest assured, I will always be where I am most needed to execute your event!

I've read about all of your services, and they sound lovely! But what if I want something else? A little more? A little less? Do you do custom packages?
Why, yes, I do! Just contact me to get the ball rolling on how I can help you make your big day a success!