Why Hire a Wedding Coordinator?

This is the question I get asked most often - “Do we really need a coordinator? But the venue already comes with someone, can’t we just use them?” And I am here to tell you that no one needs a coordinator, but if you choose to hire one, believe me, that decision will pay for itself many times over! With all of that in mind, I thought it fitting to give you, my potential clients, my TOP TEN reasons for hiring someone like me to work your wedding!


A Venue Coordinator is not a Wedding Coordinator 

Back in the day, fancy hotels used to have catering captains and banquet managers to assist couples throughout their whole wedding day, but this is an easy cost-cutting measure for venues. They get to cut their staff and have them go home, but I will be the one to stay until the end of your wedding and make sure everything gets wrapped up – rentals collected, gifts and personal items delivered to your room, vendors loaded out of the space. Coordinators offered up by the venues often represent the venue, not the couple. They will help you, certainly, and in most cases will be just lovely at their jobs (my venue coordinator certainly was!). But they will not advocate for you as I would, and there are always small, imperceptible lines that they and their staff will not cross. At my own wedding, for example, the venue catering team was happy to set up our tables, chairs, and even the basics of our centerpieces, but they would not place card our seating assignments for us. Instead, I asked my trusted day-of coordinator to handle this key organizational detail on our behalf. As your coordinator, I will be your advocate, and always place your priorities and goals above all else.


A lot of people choose not to hire a wedding coordinator because they worry it will be an additional cost on their part. What many don’t know is that I can actually save you money. With a wide array of contacts across the New York area, I can suggest to you the most reliable and reasonably priced in the business. From caterers to photographers to makeup artists, I’ve got you covered!


Most people are planning their wedding with no knowledge of how to throw a large-scale event. Of course there are books and plenty of tips from well-meaning friends and family, but I have planned many events, and am here to give you access to all those years of accumulated wisdom! I know how to troubleshoot nearly any impossibility on a moment’s notice, often before you ever even realize a problem has occurred! I know what questions to ask your vendors and how to schedule the day so that you can get your photos taken, your guests fed, your speeches completed, and everyone out on the dance floor.


You know you can ask me any question and I'm going to tell you my honest opinion. And that’s exactly how you want it. You don’t need someone to side step around your feelings, you need an answer so you can make a decision and move on to the next decision that needs to be made. And you know that if you ask me a question that begins with, “Do we have to…” my answer to you will most likely be “No, you do not.” There isn’t one thing you do or do not have to do on your wedding day: take the traditions that work for you, abandon those that don’t, and create new ones unique to you as a couple!

Peace of Mind

All you want to do on the day of the wedding, before the ceremony, is relax with your family, wedding attendants, or your betrothed, and enjoy the run-up to walking down the aisle in whatever way keeps you relaxed and ready to go! You certainly don’t want to be on the phone with the florist or the cake baker, trying to figure out where they are and why they didn’t arrive on time. This is probably one of the most essential value adds a coordinator can provide: I will take care of all of that for you! Yes, you probably want to hear a little bit of what is going on, but you will know that I have it covered.

photo credit: Milestone Images

photo credit: Milestone Images

Relationships with Vendors

I am in the position to work on multiple events and have established relationships with vendors of all sorts – photographers, musicians, caterers, florists, DJs, etc. Not only do I spend time getting to know local vendors who represent the best that’s out there for every budget, but I also refer couples to vendors constantly. In fact, immediately upon signing your contract with me, you’ll get instant access to my preferred vendor list! As a result of all of these referrals, a vendor is more likely to negotiate with me since I can give them repeat business (whereas you intend to be a one-time only customer!).


Let’s be honest here – planning a wedding, and coordinating all the vendors is hard work. Not to mention you most likely have a job, and hobbies, and other obligations that keep you busy. Although you want to be super hands-on in your wedding planning, you still want to be sane. You will know that you can send me an email randomly throughout the day about some small detail of the wedding and I'm going to respond with an answer shortly and reassure you that all is going to be okay! Not to mention the month, week, and day of the wedding, this is going to be the busiest time for you, and you can be reassured I have your wedding in mind and am going to keep everything running smoothly. And all of this is before you even factor in non-traditional venues (think barns, art galleries, lofts, vineyards) or weddings where the ceremony and reception take place in two completely separate venues 45 minutes away from each other! In those cases, many of these spaces will desperately need you to bring your own coordinator as well. Your uncle’s beautiful barn in Vermont may be the perfect place to hold your wedding, but no coordinator comes as part of the “package” in that case! And the moment you have two separate venues for your wedding, you’ll definitely best be served by hiring your own coordinator, someone who can see the whole grand vision for your day and make it a reality (as opposed to only concerning themselves with their half of the greater whole).


A coordinator takes on the stress so you don’t have to. In the weeks leading up to your wedding, I will be the one to be in contact with vendors and serve as their point person so you only have to deal with one liaison. I will coordinate all of the meetings and be there to remember the details, plus ask the right questions. And most importantly, I will be there on your big day to make sure everything runs smoothly so you can be with your family and friends.


The decision is still yours. The decisions are always yours. I will simply guide, give suggestions, and assist to ensure your wedding ideas come to fruition. Even how much or how little I do is totally up to you, and my packages are customizable if you have specific tasks or areas in mind that you’d like me to oversee on your behalf. This means that you are still completely in control, while fully reassured that nothing has been overlooked.

Time Saver

I do the legwork for you! You’re engaged, you want to enjoy the fun parts of the wedding! It’s understandable that you’re most excited about the decisions that matter most to you: perhaps you’re a foodie who wants to focus on the menu, or you really want to get granular on the music or floral arrangements. I’ve always been a lover of the details others often see to be tedious. I’ll let you enjoy all the exciting elements you want to keep to yourself, while I take care of all the paperwork and organizational details that are necessary when planning a wedding, but may feel boring or tedious to the couple. Having someone else do the organizing will also allow you to get on with day-to-day life without wedding planning taking over all of your free time!

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