Wedding Planner Pro-Tip of the Week: Get Those Gifts Organized!

Hello Friends!

Wedding Planner Pro-Tip of the Week: Keep a detailed log of all the gifts you receive throughout your entire wedding journey so that you can write thank-you notes with ease.

Here’s what I mean by this: It’s all too easy to let those pre-wedding gifts pile up in a corner for months, only to forget which lovely person gave you what fantastic item when you get down to writing your thank-you notes. So, beginning with your first gift received, create a simple spreadsheet list (you know me, I love my lists!) to keep track of everything that is handed, gifted, or sent to you and your other half leading up to, on, and after your big day.

Record the giver's name, the store where the gift was purchased (if you know), the date it was received, a brief description of the gift, and finally, the date the thank-you note was sent. You can refer to this listing as you write (since proper etiquette dictates that you describe the gift in your note) and use it to keep track of which gifts you've acknowledged.

BTW, though etiquette dictates that your loved ones have up to one year after the wedding date to send you their wedding gift, the same window of time is not held for sending thank-you notes. As a rule, shower gift thank-you cards should be mailed within two or three weeks, and early wedding gifts should be acknowledged before the big day. All remaining thank-you notes should be sent within three months. Lastly, if the same person gets you a gift for multiple events (a shower gift and a wedding gift) you should write a separate note for each gift.

A little organization now will save you a LOT of headache and questions of “who got us this?” down the line.