Wedding Planner Pro-Tip of the Week: Make that trip to City Hall fun!

Hello friends!

Wedding Planner Pro-Tip of the Week: Make going to get your marriage license a special event! Stop for lunch or bring flowers to commemorate the occasion. 

Here's What I Mean By This: Planning your wedding should be all about the fun, enjoyable aspects of the process. Creating a ceremony that uniquely encapsulates the essence of you and your partner or throwing a kick-ass party for all of your loves ones are no-brainers.

But, as every planner knows, there are tons of tedious tasks that go along with planning your big day. And often, one of them involves getting your marriage license. Whether your officiant is your family minister, rabbi, or priest, or you've asked a close friend to do the honors, or you've hired one (I highly recommend THIS fabulous lady!), everyone needs a marriage license (and thankfully, EVERYONE has the legal right to obtain one now across the country!).

Do yourselves - and your wedding coordinator - a favor and DON'T PUT THIS OFF! You don't want to wait until it's too late, only to realize you can't actually get married "officially" on your wedding day. (Though of course, spiritually and emotionally, you'll be totally in the moment, and I believe that's what matters most). 

So, consult the laws of the state or country you're getting hitched in (not the state or country you live in, if they're different), and make a day out of getting that license. Here in Manhattan, there are tons of great restaurants to grab lunch or brunch just a short subway ride from the building - invite your honor attendants (your best people - man or woman) or your parents (if that won't stress you out) to join you on the trip. Dress up, if you like - you do you! Take the tedium out of this errand, and make it a festive occasion - it's the start of your marriage adventure!