A Wedding that Warms my Heart

Hello friends!

Earlier this morning, I read an article in the NY Times about a wonderful, theatrical wedding that completely warmed my heart. The bride, serving as an understudy for a production at The Roundabout, learned the day of her wedding that she had to, in fact, go on in place of Zoe Kazan the evening of her wedding. What the what?!?

What follows is a wonderful story about the marriage (forgive the pun) of wedding planning, flexibility, and above all, love, love, love. I want to give a shout out to fellow wedding coordinator, Lauren Schaefer, for what undoubtedly was grace under pressure in executing all of the last-minute changes! Having recently pulled off a similar wedding (see the backup to the backup rain plan pulled together with less than 24-hours' notice for my fabulous theatrical designer October wedding), I can attest to how much care and planning (and time!) goes into making these changes possible!