Wedding Pro-Tip of the Week: Dress Buying!

Hello Friends!

Wedding Planner Pro-Tip of the Week: The best time to buy a wedding gown is in late December through January.


photo courtesy of Milestone Images


Here's what I mean by this: You're in luck! You've still got two days to go! Many boutiques and retail stores launch their spring designs during these cold winter months (fashion is always a season or two ahead of real life, which is why you see bikinis on display in February in NYC). As a result, you can score deep discounts on existing inventory during this period. 

So if you haven't found "the one" (dress, that is, I'm hoping you've found "the one" partner if you're reading this!), then now's the time to find a deal on your favorite design! (or you could hire one of my costume designer goddess friends to custom-design your own bespoke wedding gown, like this gorgeous one above!)