Wedding Planner Pro-Tip of the Week: Priorities!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to Week 2 of my “Planner Pro-Tip of the Week” series!

Wedding Planner Pro-Tip of the Week:
Establish your priorities as a couple NOW, as they will become your guiding principles throughout the wedding planning process.

Here’s what I mean by this: By determining your priorities for your wedding, you’ll be in great shape to maintain a decision-making strategy with your budget, as well as keep all of your vendors and VIP helpers on the same page. Every couple is unique: whether it’s florals and decor, entertainment and throwing an amazing party, or gorgeous, timeless photography to last a lifetime, they’re all valid. It’s just a matter of what matters most to you!

Some key points to remember:

  • Understanding your priorities as a couple will help you to better manage your money and time.
  • You can rely on your priority list when hard decisions come to pass. If you’ve hired a wedding planner or coordinator (like me!), this will also be the blueprint he or she live by to make executive decisions on your behalf over the course of the wedding weekend.
  • Your priorities should relate to your budget allocations. In other words, if your priority is to give your guests an amazing culinary experience at dinner, but you could care less about augmenting your room ambiance with lighting, then your budget should naturally reflect more money allocated to the catering line item than a/v rentals. Simple, right?
  • You (and your family, if they are contributing financially) must present to all of your vendors a united front on your priorities for the wedding. Conflicting priorities will get you nowhere fast.

Follow these steps and have these conversations now, and you'll be in great shape come wedding day!