Jon & Inna in the New York Times!

Hello friends!

Fresh off a 14-hour day of making wedding magic, I bring you a sneak peek of yesterday's clients, JON & INNA!

Their wedding was gorgeous - stay tuned for some amazing photos from Anthony Vazquez Photography - but in the meantime, here's their write-up in the Times (fun fact - they are my first NY Times couple!), as well as a few photos taken by yours truly to whet your appetite.

Happy Sunday!



Welcome Announcement - Kaitlyn & Ken!

Hello friends!

If you’re in NYC today, I hope you’re getting out into the world and enjoying this absolutely gorgeous weather (while also making a note to yourself that global warming is very real, and we need to combat that!).

Once you’ve come indoors - or while you’re perusing your phone as you soak up some sun - I’m thrilled to welcome another couple into the Stephanie Gatton Events family, making it three for three on referrals from one of my absolutely favorite sites, Offbeat Bride.

Say hello to KAITLYN & KEN!

The happy couple enjoying BBQ, beers, and bluegrass at Astoria's Strand Smokehouse.

Due to their very busy lives in the always-on-call EMT world - as well as raising their lovely one-year-old daughter, Mackenzie - we FaceTimed our original “get to know you” chat. These two lifelong New Yorkers got engaged in 2015 overlooking the fireworks of a birthday cruise for Ken, and they’re equally committed to creating a unique and lovely fall garden wedding for their guests.

I'm honored to join the team as their coordinator for their October 2017 wedding at The Vander Ende-Onderdonk House in our home borough of Queens, NYC. Let's do this!



Welcome Announcement - Susan & Toby!

Hello friends!

Hot on the heels of my recent vendor listing and spotlight on my fave site, Offbeat Bride, I'm thrilled to welcome my first "OBB" clients of the new year: Susan and Toby!

These two wonderful folks are recently engaged, and planning a lovely, intimate service and dinner for their nearest and dearest to celebrate their union. And these two are uber-local to me (also residing in Astoria, Queens - my little corner of the world!). When I met with Susan initially to discuss their needs, I was so impressed with her organization, and ability to communicate her vision for the day. Organized couples are a wedding coordinator's dream client!

I'm honored to join the team as their coordinator for their intimate May 2017 wedding at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, with dinner to follow at Carmine's on the UWS in our hometown of NYC.

Let's do this!



Wedding Planner Pro-Tip of the Week: Photo Shot List Helpers

Hello Friends!

photo courtesy of Milestone Images

Wedding Planner Pro-Tip of the Week: On the big day, delegate someone to help your photographer identify and gather your VIPs during the formal photos session.

Here’s what I mean by this: If you’ve hired a professional wedding photographer, you can trust them to be "on it" for this key photography moment in the day. You can count on them (as well as their second shooter, if you’ve booked one as well), to capture all of the wonderful formal portraits and various friend/family/bridal party permutations that gathering people from all walks of your lives will tend to need. However, if you can swing it, I highly, HIGHLY recommend deputizing someone in your bridal party (think someone organized, good with lists, good with herding cats), to keep hold of your “photo shot list” (paper copy or on a smartphone). This person should be charged with checking the list in between their own cameos in photos to ensure that none of your “must-have” shots have been forgotten. Trust me: your photographers will appreciate the second pair of eyes on the list, so they can focus on the reason you hired them in the first place - to take gorgeous photography that will last a lifetime!



Wedding Planner Pro-Tip of the Week: Priorities!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to Week 2 of my “Planner Pro-Tip of the Week” series!

Wedding Planner Pro-Tip of the Week:
Establish your priorities as a couple NOW, as they will become your guiding principles throughout the wedding planning process.

Here’s what I mean by this: By determining your priorities for your wedding, you’ll be in great shape to maintain a decision-making strategy with your budget, as well as keep all of your vendors and VIP helpers on the same page. Every couple is unique: whether it’s florals and decor, entertainment and throwing an amazing party, or gorgeous, timeless photography to last a lifetime, they’re all valid. It’s just a matter of what matters most to you!

Some key points to remember:

  • Understanding your priorities as a couple will help you to better manage your money and time.
  • You can rely on your priority list when hard decisions come to pass. If you’ve hired a wedding planner or coordinator (like me!), this will also be the blueprint he or she live by to make executive decisions on your behalf over the course of the wedding weekend.
  • Your priorities should relate to your budget allocations. In other words, if your priority is to give your guests an amazing culinary experience at dinner, but you could care less about augmenting your room ambiance with lighting, then your budget should naturally reflect more money allocated to the catering line item than a/v rentals. Simple, right?
  • You (and your family, if they are contributing financially) must present to all of your vendors a united front on your priorities for the wedding. Conflicting priorities will get you nowhere fast.

Follow these steps and have these conversations now, and you'll be in great shape come wedding day!



Welcome Friends!

photo credit: Allie Koehler

After quite a quiet roll-out over the holidays (while I worked on fine tuning EVERYTHING on this website), I am now honored to welcome you all to my new internet home: Stephanie Gatton Events!

I’m thrilled to finally make official what I have been doing “unofficially” for years now - consulting and assisting with the weddings of my dear friends and loved ones. Some time last summer, I decided it was time to put all of my event planning and live event management skills together into one awesome service for newly-engaged couples in need of my talents to make their wedding days go off without a hitch. And so, Stephanie Gatton Events was born!

You can read more about me here, and my full range of services here. I'd love for you to tell me your story and how I can bring your grand plans to life!

Special thanks to Ola Baldych for the gorgeous logo design, and to Angie Gaul, Allie Koehler, and Jen Seay for the majority of the lovely images you’ll see throughout the site.

I’ll do my best to be back here on occasion with expert planner tips for the DIY couple, portfolios of my client weddings, and vendor spotlights, which will showcase some of the best in the business that I've had the fortune to work with (and you should hire them!).

Take a look, friends, and let me know what you think!