Welcome Announcement - Garrett & Meghan!

Hello Friends!

This one, folks, is special to me. 

I'm thrilled to welcome another wonderful couple to the fold: Meghan and Garrett!

They're special to me because Meghan herself is a fellow event planner and wedding coordinator, who is eminently capable of handling all of these details herself. But you know what? Even the best planners don't want to work on their wedding days! They want to hand off all of their hard work and planning to someone they trust who can execute everything as efficiently as they would (if they weren't already committed to being the star of their own wedding!). 

So, when Meghan asked me to help out with DOC duties, I was honored she entrusted me with the responsibility. And she also did something smart: she hired a DOC who was NOT already scheduled to attend her wedding as a guest. BIG TIME POINTS FOR THAT! She knows she wants her dear friends and loved ones to have an awesome time, and not to be stuck on the phone with a tardy bus driver or troubleshooting the details of a rain plan at the last moment. Because Meghan and Garrett chose me, her guests will have an amazing and enjoyable time!

I'm honored to join the team as their coordinator for their September 2017 wedding at FEAST at Round Hill in the Hudson Valley. Let's do this!