Welcome Announcement - Celia & Douglas!

Hello friends!

Though I've been working with this wonderful couple - and the groom's mother - since May, I'm only now just getting around to welcoming them officially to the Stephanie Gatton Events fold (how much more busy can this summer/fall get?!?). 

Welcome to CELIA & DOUGLAS!

This lovely couple were sent my way by the mother of the groom of a previous couple of mine (did I mention that parents LOVE me?). Moms talk, and one thing led to another, and I ended up hitting it off with THIS mother of the groom, who was busy helping her son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law plan a Hudson Valley wedding while they were living in Texas and Pennsylvania, respectively. A tall order on a normal day, I was pleased to come on board to relieve some of the stress of it all. From site visits to their gorgeous venue to intricate timelines, sourcing wedding favors, props artisans to put the finishing touches on decor items, and even designing the seating chart as well as handling all calligraphy needs for the place cards, you name it, I jumped in and did it!

Now, Celia and Douglas are here, back in Manhattan! Celia's family has made the trip over from her native China, and both families look forward to becoming one. And I look forward to their fall wedding weekend in the beautiful Hudson Valley! I am honored that they've brought me on board to serve as the coordinator for their big day. Let's do this!



Welcome Announcement - Rebecca & Andrew!

Hello friends,

Long time no see! It's been a BUSY end of summer/beginning of fall for me, as I took on a record number of wedding clients (way to go, baby business!), while also completing a move from our apartment into our new home in August, with MUCH work to be done there as well!

I've been remiss in my welcome announcements for all of my lovely couples, but I'm happy to return to this series to say welcome to REBECCA & ANDREW!

These two cuties are getting married at one of my favorite venues - The Green Building, which recommended my services to them (thanks, Susan!). Once Rebecca and I met last month, it was clear it was a match made in musical heaven! She's a talented jazz singer, he's a jazz double-bassist, and so it was an effortless fit for us all. I'm expecting to have a delightful time with these two!

They'll be getting hitched THIS WEEKEND in a fun and festive DIY wedding surrounded by 100 of their very favorite people, and I am honored to join their team as their month-of coordinator for this weekend's Brooklyn wedding. Let's do this!





Welcome Announcement - Starsha & Andrei!

Hello Friends!

Apologies for the radio silence as of late - the hubs and I are in the midst of a pretty epic move. We are fortunate enough to be selling our condo in Astoria and purchasing a little HOUSE ten minutes away on the other side of the neighborhood. I'm beyond excited at the prospect of setting up shop there, and envision writing blog entries from the urban privacy of the deck in our backyard very soon! But this week has been a frenzy of packing!

Without further ado, and in the midst of all of this, I'm thrilled to welcome my newest couple to the Stephanie Gatton Events family - STARSHA & ANDREI!

FUN FACT! Starsha and I met in 2005 - in our collective former lives in theatrical stage management! Fast forward to 2017, when Starsha is marrying her lovely man (and papa to their adorable daughter, Zora), back in Brooklyn (they now call Chicago home). 

Starsha found me - after all these years - crazily enough searching Instagram for #weddingshoes, and saw a recent post of mine. It was meant to be! As she wrote, "I have been very skeptical of my own ability to shut off the producing mode at my wedding. Then I saw you [on Instagram] and got VERY excited. I need a day-of coordinator and I already trust you implicitly because you taught me everything I know!!!"

That was just two weeks ago, folks. After planning the entire shindig, Starsha and Andrei will be getting hitched one week from tomorrow, on August 5, and I couldn't be more excited to have the privilege of being entrusted to carry their plans through to the finish line! I'm honored to join their team as the coordinator for their DIY, laid-back wedding at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture. Let's do this!



Welcome Announcement - Inna & Jon!

Hello friends!

Happy Summer! Just a quick post to welcome my newest clients to the fold - INNA & JON!

You guys, word of mouth is a powerful thing. I’ve proud to have been sent this lovely couple by way of my dear friend, Rachel, who knows how PASSIONATE I am about my wedding clients and how I’ll work tirelessly for them. I had the pleasure of meeting with Inna and Jon, as well as Jon’s mother and sister, at the reception venue last month, and immediately knew it was a great fit!

These two have got a LOT of their decisions made and plans put in place (yay for them!), but are seeking help to bring all of the various pieces together cohesively for their wedding weekend. That's where I come in!

Friends for a year before they even began dating, Inna and Jon are connected through their church, their faith, their families, and their shared Armenian culture.

I'm honored to join the team as their coordinator for their July 2017 wedding at their local church, Holy Cross Church of Armenia in Washington Heights, followed by their reception at the New York Athletic Club in midtown, where their families are long-standing members.

Let's do this!



(Super Belated) Welcome Announcement - Lisa & Paul!

Hello friends!

Well, it's confession time - this post was planned to be another Welcome Announcement on the blog back in late April - and then life - both personal and professional - intervened in a major way, and it never saw the light of day.

Still, it was written, and I want to acknowledge this lovely couple, and so, it'll get posted anyway, as an extremely belated (the couple were married last weekend!) Welcome Announcement. What can I say? I've been a busy gal!

Without further ado, here's what I wrote about six weeks ago: 

This one’s special, you guys - special for several reasons! But first, here’s the gorgeous couple - LISA & PAUL!

SPECIAL REASON #1: Lisa and Paul came to me as a referral from one of my oldest and dearest friends, Melanyann. Seriously, Mel and I have been in each other’s lives since the fourth grade, back when we were involved in a daily friendly competition between who had the longest hair, the biggest role in the Drama Club musical, or who had the best grades (answers: me, her, and it seesawed back and forth for four straight years!). Melanyann is one of the few people left on this earth who knew me before my mother passed away, when we were in the sixth grade. She’s seen me at my first emotional and stressful moment of my life, and watched as I came through in one piece to the other side. So, when Mel recommended me to her friends from her church choir, her opinion counted. A LOT.

SPECIAL REASON #2: Lisa and Paul live in San Francisco. Astute readers may note that I do NOT live in San Francisco (well, not anymore - I did spend two glorious and formative years in the Bay Area right out of college). But what’s a little distance or jetlag got to do with anything? We connected on a terrific Facetime call, hitting it off immediately, and the rest is history!

SPECIAL REASON #3: There’s no reason more special than that Lisa and Paul are awesome, in love, and want to share a joyous day with 320 (?!?) of their closest friends and family. That’s the most special reason of all!

I'm honored to join the team as their coordinator for their May 2017 wedding at at their local Catholic church, followed by a reception on Cal’s campus in Berkeley, my old stomping grounds. Let's do this!




PS - Lisa and Paul are just one example of how distance does not necessarily prevent me from helping you execute the biggest day of your lives! The Bay Area is just one of many cities across the country (and around the world) where I’ve got generous friends not-so-secretly stashed away, who are more than happy to let me stay with them while you fly me to town to take care of everything for your wedding weekend. (Here’s another secret - for trips like these, I’m willing to slash my fee to make the investment worth your while!). Whether it’s Berkeley, San Diego, Boston, Philadelphia, D.C., or even London, I’ll be there for you!

Welcome Announcement - Shiralee & Geoff

Hello friends!

Happy Spring! Just a quick post to welcome my newest clients to the fold - SHIRALEE AND GEOFF!

I’m proud to say that this lovely couple was sent my way by my newest collaborators, the amazing events team at Frankie’s Spuntino, where I’m now happy to coordinate weddings in their beautiful backyard garden and stable - seriously, this is easily my favorite location for intimate, absolutely delicious, and surprisingly affordable wedding bliss within the five boroughs.

When I think of a magical outdoor Brooklyn wedding, Frankie's 457 is the first place I have in mind...

With backgrounds embedded in the arts and fashion, Shiralee and Geoff are set to welcome 80 of their closest friends and family to an intimate - and uniquely “them” - evening of celebration.

Plus they have PUPPIES. So, honestly, they had me right there!

I'm honored to join the team as their coordinator for their July 2017 wedding at the original Frankie’s location in my first New York neighborhood of Carroll Gardens. Let's do this!



PS - Jealous of Shiralee and Geoff’s gorgeous venue? Think it’s the perfect fit for your upcoming nuptials? You aren’t alone! Hit me up to learn more about how to make your wedding magic happen here! I’ll gladly arrange and accompany you on a venue site visit with your betrothed, and I now offer a 10% DISCOUNT to all Frankie’s wedding couples!

Welcome Announcement - Kaitlyn & Ken!

Hello friends!

If you’re in NYC today, I hope you’re getting out into the world and enjoying this absolutely gorgeous weather (while also making a note to yourself that global warming is very real, and we need to combat that!).

Once you’ve come indoors - or while you’re perusing your phone as you soak up some sun - I’m thrilled to welcome another couple into the Stephanie Gatton Events family, making it three for three on referrals from one of my absolutely favorite sites, Offbeat Bride.

Say hello to KAITLYN & KEN!

The happy couple enjoying BBQ, beers, and bluegrass at Astoria's Strand Smokehouse.

Due to their very busy lives in the always-on-call EMT world - as well as raising their lovely one-year-old daughter, Mackenzie - we FaceTimed our original “get to know you” chat. These two lifelong New Yorkers got engaged in 2015 overlooking the fireworks of a birthday cruise for Ken, and they’re equally committed to creating a unique and lovely fall garden wedding for their guests.

I'm honored to join the team as their coordinator for their October 2017 wedding at The Vander Ende-Onderdonk House in our home borough of Queens, NYC. Let's do this!



Welcome Announcement - Alexis & Joe!

Hello friends!

Happy February! Just a quick post to welcome my newest clients to the fold - ALEXIS & JOE!

Aren’t they adorable?

After checking out my vendor listing and spotlight on Offbeat Bride, Alexis wrote to me a few weeks ago, and after a lively 90-minute FaceTime chat, I just knew we were on the same page. Their story began at Billymark’s here in NYC (who doesn’t love a love story that begins at a dive bar?), and saw stints in LA and DC, before they made their home in Philadelphia. Both are from the New York area (Long Island and Jersey), and though Joe popped the question last October on the Brooklyn promenade (check out this view - who could ever say no to a proposal with this backdrop?), they’ll say “I Do” in the heart of Philly.

I'm honored to join the team as their coordinator for their September 2017 wedding at Bartram’s Garden, minutes from Center City. Let's do this!



Welcome Announcement - Susan & Toby!

Hello friends!

Hot on the heels of my recent vendor listing and spotlight on my fave site, Offbeat Bride, I'm thrilled to welcome my first "OBB" clients of the new year: Susan and Toby!

These two wonderful folks are recently engaged, and planning a lovely, intimate service and dinner for their nearest and dearest to celebrate their union. And these two are uber-local to me (also residing in Astoria, Queens - my little corner of the world!). When I met with Susan initially to discuss their needs, I was so impressed with her organization, and ability to communicate her vision for the day. Organized couples are a wedding coordinator's dream client!

I'm honored to join the team as their coordinator for their intimate May 2017 wedding at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, with dinner to follow at Carmine's on the UWS in our hometown of NYC.

Let's do this!



Welcome Announcement - Garrett & Meghan!

Hello Friends!

This one, folks, is special to me. 

I'm thrilled to welcome another wonderful couple to the fold: Meghan and Garrett!

They're special to me because Meghan herself is a fellow event planner and wedding coordinator, who is eminently capable of handling all of these details herself. But you know what? Even the best planners don't want to work on their wedding days! They want to hand off all of their hard work and planning to someone they trust who can execute everything as efficiently as they would (if they weren't already committed to being the star of their own wedding!). 

So, when Meghan asked me to help out with DOC duties, I was honored she entrusted me with the responsibility. And she also did something smart: she hired a DOC who was NOT already scheduled to attend her wedding as a guest. BIG TIME POINTS FOR THAT! She knows she wants her dear friends and loved ones to have an awesome time, and not to be stuck on the phone with a tardy bus driver or troubleshooting the details of a rain plan at the last moment. Because Meghan and Garrett chose me, her guests will have an amazing and enjoyable time!

I'm honored to join the team as their coordinator for their September 2017 wedding at FEAST at Round Hill in the Hudson Valley. Let's do this!