Welcome Announcement — Val & Carmen!

Hello Friends!

January HAS been a busy month already for me - you can tell it's engagement season, and couples with wedding dates in 2017 see that calendar page turn to the year of their wedding, and get moving on their planning!

I'm thrilled to welcome another wonderful couple to the fold: Val and Carmen!

Val and Carmen had the opportunity to see me in action last October, when Val served as a bridesmaid in her dear friend Orli's gorgeous wedding. Mutual admiration ensued (she for my ability to "get shit done," and me for her exuding grace and calm as a bridesmaid throughout a very fast-changing 24 hours of wedding prep). So this was a natural and easy fit!

I'm honored to join the team as their coordinator for their June 2017 wedding at The Old Mill in Rose Valley, PA. Let's do this!